I’m a laugher. I talk a little too loud, and sometimes a little too much. My glass isn’t just full, it’s overflowing. An eternal optimist. I cry almost as easily as I laugh. I love to feel moved. To experience every waking minute to the fullest–the big moments, the little ones, and everything in-between. That’s why I love photography. It lets me capture the joy I see in the world, all the small details that make life so magnificent. Call me cheesy, but it’s what lights my soul on fire. Finding beauty in imperfection, windblown hair, big belly laughs, silliness, and passionate love. I'm all about discovering the beauty in others to capture your story! Gravitating most towards those who are down to get weird, feel connected and have a good time in any setting.

Since becoming a mom, I've been inspired to see everyday moments in a fresh way. My kids are growing up fast and as much as I try to remember every little glance, detail and mannerism—I just can't. Capturing them through photos—who they truly are—will always inspire me to keep documenting others in the same way. Life is precious, seasons come and go and all we really have is now. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, just give it space to be. It will be enough, I promise.


hi friend, i'm courtney

Mom of 2 + a black lab

focused on connection & your love as art

at the end of the day we enjoy quality time spent with family.

good conversation, stories and genuine encouragement.

because that is what we're all about.

family and
friends and 

I'm one happy 
married momma

Spending time with family
Farmers Market
In Grandma + Grandpas Pool

on Family walks
(me) Enjoying a glass of wine
chasing new adventures

With Coffee in hand
lifting in our home gym
Wrestling Tournaments
Up North
Aimlessly walking Target
Admiring Sunsets

In our spare time you can find us

I am uninterested in being a vendor. I don't want to be hired help.
I want to be a friend--like family.
To take photos of you that feel and breath and move.

to do that we're gonna have to trust each other.

this is a collaboration between you & me. 

It's the little things that truly set us apart.

PHOTOS BY Courtney Breider + DESIGN BY THE BUFFALO COLLECTIVE + Powered by Showit