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Life's FLEETING Moments.

I'm driven by that everlasting feeling of nostalgia, when you're flipping through your parents old photo albums. They are organic, joyful, and in the moment. I strive to do the same by bringing you heartfelt photos that capture both the unforgettable moments and those that would otherwise go unseen.

I care about the simple things.

The details of your day, the things that bring you joy, the genuine laughter. my favorite photos always end up being the ones where I don't pose you. I treasure the photos where you're dancing with your grandma on the dancefloor, the gut bursting laughter when your friend tells an embarrassing story or the moments when you get a second to breathe.

Creating photos you will cherish forever.
Let's do something significant.

Whether you’ve hired a photographer before or not. I want you to be confident in your choice of who you allow into your lives to document this chapter, the one who will pour everything into providing you with an experience that is all you’ve dreamed of and more. I approach each session and wedding with love, planning and space so that you feel seen and comfortable to to be YOU whole heartedly.

My photos tell stories but most importantly, they make you FEEL. 

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"You have such a magical way of making people feel comfortable around the camera. I meet so many photographers every weekend, you have a GIFT."

March 31, 2021

Jenna + Ben


02 / 03

Courtney is one of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. My fiancé and I were nervous going into our engagement shoot as neither of us are super comfortable in front of the camera. Turns out we had absolutely nothing to worry about. I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable with a photographer! 

SEPT 9, 2022

Ella + Taylor


03 / 03

We loved how open, bubbly, sweet and overall fun Courtney was. She made us feel so comfortable. She also was incredibly fun and made the whole experience more than just taking our photos. I was in absolute awe at our photos. I absolutely would recommend Courtney to anyone and everyone! Not only does Courtney capture amazing photos but she really strives to get to know each couple to the best of her ability. She makes sure she understands your vision and puts so much time and effort into her couples..

May 15, 2022

Kari + Jordan


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