I am passionate about capturing the authentic and heartfelt moments that make every love story unique. As a documentary and editorial wedding and portrait photographer, my mission is to tell your story through the lens of my camera. With a keen eye for detail and a love for genuine emotions, I strive to create timeless images that not only document your special day but also reflect the depth of your connection.

With years of experience in the world of photography, I've honed my craft to not only capture those picture-perfect moments but also the candid, unscripted ones that often hold the most beauty. Whether it's the joyous laughter during your wedding vows, the quiet tenderness in a portrait session, or the spontaneous dance moves on the reception floor, I'm there to freeze those cherished memories in time.

Photography isn't just a job for me; it's a passion and a privilege. I understand that every couple and individual has their own unique story to tell, and I am dedicated to ensuring that your photos reflect your personalities, emotions, and the essence of the moment.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me exploring new places, sipping on a cup of coffee, or spending quality time with my own loved ones. I believe that life is a beautiful tapestry of moments, and I'm honored to be the one to help you weave your own story through the art of photography.

Let's embark on this photographic journey together, and I can't wait to be a part of your special moments and create memories that will last a lifetime.

my name is Courtney ...

A Little About Me /

Hi Friend so nice to meet you!

I'm not just a photographer, I am a visual, storyteller and  your story is the muse to my lens.



Words to describe





Lets Be Friends 



What inspires me

- storytelling, connection, individuality, intimacy... 

That’s one reason I fell in love with photography. It lets me capture the joy I see in the world and in you. All the small details that make life and human connection so magnificent.

I don't want to create for I want to create with. Documenting you for you who really are, because whoever that is, your unique story is worth remembering and celebrating.

The gut busting laughs, the windy blown hair,  the loud & quite, the happily unplanned. The 

The infinite love.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

Who I love

- My Family

My world revolves around them, my husband and I have been together for 10 years married for 6. Our daughter Everleigh, loves everything from dirt and dinosaurs to unicorns and princesses with the humor and sarcasm of an adult. Brayden our TEENAGER--Woah. Is the boy who made me a mom and he's truly the kindest, caring soul you will ever meet (unless he's on the wrestling mat). I know they are mine and I am FULLY bias, but they ARE the best. I love that first sip of coffee in the morning, and dream of living on acres as a homestead mama, having a back yard of 

Outside of photography, I spend my time reading, learning/trying new things, anything outdoors, shooting my bow, hiking, and endlessly adding things to my cart that I will never or contemplate buying for months...haha, 

We love to travel and explore all the things this world has to offer and crave new experiences. -- Win. I will travel for your wedding.

Behind the Lens

- Your Story Will Be Different

My approach is- Intentional, Heartfelt, Artistic, Documentary, And Creative.

I do guide you along the photography journey, but I don't micro manage your movements and ways of expression. Instead I welcome and encourage freedom during our time together and try to create a safe and inspiring environment for your true and authentic connection to unfold.

Thank you for trusting me with it. We’re going to capture the real stuff.

My mission is to co-create with you. 

This is a relationship, and it needs to be cultivated. That means your messy, beautiful and weird. Show me your heart and I will give it back to you through meaningful photos.

Your Trust, My Eyes

Comfortability ...

I'm deeply privileged to be invited into the intimate moments of couples' lives. Every session, with each unique person/couple fuels my inspiration; driving the evolution of my photography style. The heart of my approach lies within creating a genuine and safe space of intimacy. I prioritize allowing you to immerse yourself in the experience. Despite some initial hesitations you might have about being photographed, It is crucial to me that you find joy and comfort throughout your session. Truth be told, by the time we're immersed, most are so invested and having so much fun, they're rarely ready for our session to conclude.

Lets Be Friends 



I believe love is love. I aim to hold space for every individual who connects with my work, and to me, it is an honor to create an inclusive and safe space for any and all humans in love. Without hesitation, pause, or question, I will lovingly document any milestones for any human who feels a connection to me or my work.



Heartwarming quotes

From my

Courtney is incredible to work with! She’s done a few sessions for my family + me and she always delivers. She has a way at making you feel at ease in front of the camera. Her creative posing makes for incredible art that we get to cherish forever.




Jan 11, 2021

Ali + Sam


"I’ve worked with Courtney a handful of times now for various projects and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more comfortable with a photographer! Every session has felt like I’m hanging out with one of my girlfriends who just happens to capture the most amazing pictures!




ARPIL, 08, 2022

Amanda Quade


These are so F*cking beautiful, they feel exactly like US. These completely touched my heart. You can just feel so much, these are my favorite photos of us EVER. I am at a loss for words. I'm just sitting here crying. Thank you so much for giving us this art and a piece of your heart. I will literally cherish these forever. 




Aug 1, 2023

Anna + Gus


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